About QuasiCon

Our Mission:

QuasiCon 2017 brings information professionals and students together to discuss how we can make all information accessible! We aim to promote a safe space for building conference skills, facilitating networking, and sharing experiences and ideas in an interactive format.

What is QuasiCon?

QuasiCon is an free annual, one-day conference devoted to discussing information that is hosted by the student chapter of the American Library Association at the University of Michigan School of Information.

Positioned at UMSI, QuasiCon aims to connect students and professionals from all types of information fields, from librarians to UX professionals, to foster an environment of learning and building together.

QuasiCon combines traditional conference elements, such as panel discussions, presentations, and keynote speakers, with un-conference elements such as breakout sessions and brainstorms. QuasiCon welcomes a range of presentation formats, from panel discussions and workshops to brief lightning talks and tech demonstrations.

QuasiCon seeks to create an energetic and productive conference that is also supportive, collegial, and friendly especially to graduate students and young professionals who are striving to develop professional confidence.